The Money Value Cycle™

Discovery of the Money Value Cycle™

"Natalie is a true expert in guiding people toward harmonious relationships with their money. She has taken one of the most challenging topics in financial planning and simplified it into a practical model that is easy to grasp and can have deep personal impact. Her visionary work opens up new doors for how we can think about cash flow to live happier, more fulfilled lives."

-David Bowman, CFP®

Just as we have energy lines coursing through our bodies, we have energy lines in our lives.


It was through watching the numbers, feeling the ebbs and flow, and sensing the energy lines in cash flow that in 2015 I discovered the Money Energy Cycle™ and Money Breath.  Looking at money through these models takes us out of our heads and connects us with a cycle of value in our lives, in which money only plays a part.


In keeping with my pre-adolescent pledge to make the world a better place, I believe this New Paradigm of Money Mindfulness invites perspective shifts within our internal money lives that will, in turn, positively affect our relationship and integrity with money – individually, and on a global scale.