Six Weeks to a Life of Money Wellness

Online course:

Six Weeks to a Life of Money Wellness

Fall, 2018 - exact dates TBA

“Natalie [Wagner] has this way of getting you to see yourself, habits and priorities in a different light, appreciating what you offer to the world and how earning and spending is connected to building integrity and a legacy you really want... I am in awe at her ability to guide meditations that have lasting positive effects -- teaching us to make ethical decisions and being a great role model of teaching and balancing family life too  :) You won’t know what you are missing until you give her services a try!” 

~ Kelly G.


  • Do you want to gain stability and structure in how your money moves through your daily life?
  • Do you want to connect the money coming through with your true Self in a balanced flow that powerfully supports the life you want to create?
  • Do you want a life of money wellness?

If yes, then it’s not enough to talk about your relationship with money. It’s not enough to track your spending.  It’s not enough to build your savings with the help of a capable financial planner.

 You need to actually organize and interact with your money in ways that connect with and reinforce your true Self while expanding your world in ways that you find deeply satisfying.


You need Six Weeks to a Life of Money Wellness!


In this once a week, six-week, online course we will explore both the numbers and the deeper sides of your money life.


  • Using the cash flow management program, First Step Cash Management™, we will develop and implement systems for your money on a weekly, monthly and long-term basis.
  • Using the VitalFinancials™ process for money wellness, we will explore what is deeply important to you and what money means to you.  We will then match them together, connecting money with what is deeply important to you.


As we do these side by side, your daily finances will evolve quickly!  Managing them across your life will begin to function smoothly and to gain a sense of ease.  Who you are and what you care about will begin to show up in how you use money and how you create it.  Your stress will decrease, your health will increase and your relationships will likely improve.  


Do you want to transform your relationship with money and how it supports your life? You need Six Weeks to a Life of Money Wellness!  


Regular rate: $445/individuals, $665/couples

Early bird rate: $400 /individuals, $600/couples (rate only available until April 12, 2018!)


“Natalie showcases a unique spirit when guiding people through money mindfulness themes. If you desire to enhance your mind with a positive psychology when it comes to your personal finances, start working through Natalie’s Money Energy Cycle philosophy. This may help you improve your financial life as well as your mental psyche.” - Dan A.


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* Note: You must have completed the Money Wellness Workshop to join this course. The workshop is your introduction to the VitalFinancials™ concepts of money wellness.

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This course is an interactive, online, video meeting, hosted by Zoom Meeting Spaces. You will receive an email with details after registration.