The Money Energy Cycle™ and 

My Vision to Transform the World:


The mission of VitalFinancialsis to, ‘Transform the World, One Financial Life at a Time’.


People are disillusioned by money for money’s sake.  Rather, we are looking for ways to contribute meaningfully to the world and to live lives of personal satisfaction. We are hungry to get beyond the traditional conversations and to connect money with our deep Selves.  


The MEC, as a paradigm for understanding money, answers this call.  It asks us to connect who we uniquely are with what we create in the world, to use our resources in wise and satisfying ways, and to be mindful about where we send forward the energy and value we hold.


In my mind’s eye, I see people  transforming their relationship with money from one of heavy negativity – weighing down their entire life through the negative energy it brings each time your life touches money – to one of harnessing the value-energy of money in support of an expansive life, full of connection, experience, support, security, and fulfillment.


The world transformation begins one individual at a time. You, for example, might employ The Money Energy Cycle™ model to attend to your deep Self and to cultivate your most satisfying life. When your friends and family notice, the conversation expands.

As a part of my vision, I intend to train other professionals to use the MEC as a way to facilitate the money conversation. More individuals will experience a transformation, and the conversation expands.  


Over time, the Money Energy Cycle™ becomes a household concept. The deepening connection between our integrity and our money will have real-world impacts every time our lives touch money, and the authenticity will expand from our conversations to our culture. It begins to be a part of business and non-profit money management, even government spending. We see financial alignment and integrity expand across society and into our systems.


Considering what my father said, that "Money is the most powerful and pervasive secular force on the planet” (Richard Wagner, JD, CFP®), the positive impact will reach to the marrow of our existence. And the world transforms, one financial life at a time.


~  Natalie