The Money Energy Cycle™

Discover the Money Energy Cycle™ in Your Life

When we create and use money we engage in a circuit of value exchange and transformation.  Value has energy.  

Traditionally, we've called this cycle cash flow.  But with a shift of perspective, we can identify the path of this energy flow, or the Money Energy Cycle™ (MEC).

Viewing our money lives through our personal MEC's empowers us to lead with our intuitive senses of balance and alignment.  This radically new approach to financial health not only addresses your numbers, but moreover, aligns your life from the inside out.

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Money is value as energy.

Like a calorie is a unit of physical energy, a dollar is simply a unit of value as energy.

No more. No less.

  • Money holds value. 
  • Transfers value from one place to another. 
  • Converts different forms of value into others.

The Money Energy Cycle™ (MEC) is the cycle that people work with as money flows through their personal world.

  • It begins with value that one gives of themselves. 
  • This value is transferred out into the world. 
  • The value is then converted into money. 
  • That money then flows back into one’s life, still holding the original value one gave of themselves. 
  • One then converts this money into other forms of value by saving, giving, debt repayment, investing or spending. 
  • This act moves the money forward in some way, in turn funding other MEC’s

The Unique Beauty of this Model is held in Several Components.

  • It is simple and accessible.
  • It neutralizes the emotional charges projected onto money.
  • It invites one to connect money with the deep aspects of themselves and their lives.
  • It highlights the places of imbalance and lack of integrity within one’s MEC that initiate attempts to rebalance and fill voids which commonly cause a negative ripple effect.
  • Because money exists in concrete numbers and permeates throughout our modern lives, the Money Energy Cycle™ is an excellent sounding board for the personal work of living in a place of empowered authenticity.

To most effectively empower one’s life, one must apply the MEC in conjunction with a cash flow management tool, keeping the palpability of the numbers in the picture. My favorite is First Step Cash Management.

Three Side Notes:

  • The value that money holds is not inherent. Both the world and individuals attribute value to it. That is why, and the only reason why, it is valuable.
  • Money itself is morally neutral. It does not hold a capacity for morality.  Rather, it picks up moral implications via how and why it is used.
  • Comparable to how every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square, money may be value as energy, but value is not necessarily money.

The Money Energy Cycle™ model, as a concept and perspective, provides a radically different lense for understanding what's really going on with you and your money, an avenue for connecting it with your deep self, and accountability for balance and alignment where your money and your life intersect (everywhere).


       i. This is traditionally known as the cash flow cycle.  The distinct difference between the cash flow cycle and the Money Energy Cycle™  is that the first starts with and focuses heavily on the numbers.  Where the second leans into our intuitive senses of balance, alignment and integrity by starting with and focusing on the energy dynamics at play.  

Money Energy Cycle™ written and created by Natalie Wagner, CFRC℠, Finologist