Money Wellness Workshop by VitalFinancials

A 75 minute, live, online workshop (last chance to qualify for my online course, 

Six Weeks to a Life of Money Wellness!):


Money Wellness: Find Your Self in Your Money

"Natalie is a true expert in guiding people toward harmonious relationships with their money. She has taken one of the most challenging topics [in finance] and simplified it into a practical model that is easy to grasp and can have a deep personal impact. Her visionary work opens up new doors for how we can think about cash flow to live happier, more fulfilled lives. "     ~  David B.


  • Do you feel you’re a smart, capable person, yet money eludes you?
  • Does your gut tell you there’s more to a good relationship with money than tracking your spending and making your coffee at home? 
  • Have you often felt that financial professionals approach life differently than you do, and just don’t have answers to help you connect with money in an authentic and meaningful way? 


Still, you want and deserve a strong and healthy financial life! 

In the Money Wellness Workshop you’ll find new and radically different ways of looking at and relating to money - new ways that will get you out of your head and connect money with your true Self.  

Sign up now to finally understand money through energy flow and intuition!


Through a lifetime of studying people and money, Natalie Wagner discovered two new ways of understanding and connecting with our personal finances: Money Breath and The Money Energy Cycle™.  These tools bring a radically new perspective to money in our lives and come together to help you reach money wellness!


In this 75 minute, online workshop we will explore Money Breath and The Money Energy Cycle™ through:

  • The simple and powerful Money Breath Meditation
  • Sharing stories to understand the Money Energy Cycle™
  • Doing your own Wheel of Money™ exercise to see your unique financial life through the Money Energy Cycle™
  • Creating customized action steps intended to bring positive effects of this money wellness philosophy into your daily money life
  • Closing with a Healing Money Meditation 

Register now to connect money with your true Self and use it to create a deeply satisfying life!

“I love the concept of the Money Energy Cycle. Natalie has done a wonderful job of defining the different areas of our money cycle and the effects, be it positive or negative. The meditations really help to bring awareness to the energy we have around money. It's like yoga for our wallets!” ~ Tammy P.


Tuesday, April 10th, 6:30 pm, MT

Attendance is limited. Sign up now!

Regular rate: $45

Friends and family rate (that's you!): $35


*Note:  Completing the Money Wellness Workshop qualifies you for my online course:  Six Weeks to a Life of Money Wellness.  In this course, we will create and implement a personal cash flow plan that brings the VitalFinancials™ process for money wellness to life in you your daily money life!

The workshop is an interactive, online, video meeting, hosted via Zoom Meeting Spaces.  You will receive an email with details after registration. 



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