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Financial Planning Day / One Hour Offering

May 7, 2015

The Denver chapter of the Financial Planning Organization (FPA) takes pride in organizing several pro-bono community events throughout the year. One such annual event is Financial Planning Day (FPA DAY).
The mission of the event is to give free, basic financial advice to everyday folks looking to cultivate their financial health.
A successful FPA Day in 2015 was a rainy, sweet spring day. Both the professionals volunteering and the folks walking in the door seemed calm and emotionally available. FPA provided classes, as well as access to Certified Financial Planners​TM and select specialists.
I can honestly say that after volunteering a Saturday morning I walked away with an overflowing sense of joyful camaraderie and transformation that may inspire you to take action to improve your own financial health.
I was the resident personal cash flow specialist, engaging in conversation when folks had questions about debt, credit cards, handling their everyday money life, and making big financial decisions.
The two women with whom I had the pleasure to speak do not match in a traditional demographic sense – not race, nor age nor class bracket. What they do have in common is a simple sweetness coupled with a desire to live a deeply rewarding, balanced, and expansive life.
They each came to me with specific problems; one credit card debting and self-neglect, the other looking to rebalance the big picture and consult regarding a big decision – an large energy investment in her home that also affects her health.
When the first walked in, her stress, fear, and call for help was patent in her dark eyes. We formed 7 specific and simple action steps to stabilize her debt, prevent future debt & spend some money and energy on self-care. Her eyes shone when she walked away.
The second, in addition being aware that she needs help managing her daily money and making her big decision, had regrets about breaking a financial promise to herself and wanted to prevent repeating her mistake.
FPA Day in action. FPA Day in action.
We created action steps to assess and adjust how she used her money to best support herself. We then looked at how she got into a position of breaking her financial promise and how she could prevent doing so again. We trouble shot and weighed the different dynamics of her home investment, and she walked away with a plan. Lastly, we set her up on my favorite cash flow tool, First Step Cash ManagementTM.
Both women walked in scared, stressed, feeling pushed around by their money. In under an hour they each empowered themselves to harness her money – the way it takes shape in her life and shapes her life.
Money truly touches every aspect of our modern life; every nuance of these women’s lives will reflect the transformation she made.
The experience inspired me to create a new offering. A one hour, flat rate, let’s get to it, session.
$145 for one intense hour to create your own powerful set of action steps – answer your questions – get some perspective from a caring expert – and ensure you have the resources you need to powerfully harness your money!
You don’t have to go this alone. mqBullet