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Yoga and Cash Flow: The Same Fundamentals

April 5, 2016

Consider yoga’s essence: Connecting with and charging the flowing cycles of your body and life through breath, alignment, and balance. Your breathing, alignment and balance are ever changing because of the constantly moving journey of your body, mind and spirit that yoga asks you to continuously match.

Now consider cash flow: Where your money meets your life. One of the things that is hard about healthy cash flow is that setting it up once doesn’t work. Every day is unique. Our lives continuously evolve; our money must evolve too.
Lucky us, we call it cash FLOW for good reasons. Our everyday money comes in and goes out with its own breath. Empowered by decisions and movement, our money flows through our lives, funding our coffees to our condos, our yoga classes to our young dependents. When we use our money most powerfully, it is deeply aligned with our selves and balanced to touch the many areas of our lives that call for financial support.

In yoga we learn to feel alignment, work into and maintain balance, all while connecting to the flow of our breath. We are taught to use the breath to charge our bodies into maintaining balance and alignment though our practice. We can take these lessons off the mat and into our everyday money practice.

The fundamentals are the same: There is a sweet spot when Jan2016you’re in balance. When things are aligned, it feels easier because all pathways move cleanly; it feels powerful because of the connection. This is true in yoga, and it is true in cash flow.

Engage with the flow, the breath and the money. Continuously adjust your balance and your alignment. Use it well to charge your life.