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Make Your Money Your Own!

May 3, 2016

“Money is how we connect our inside with the outside” ~ Matt Elliot

It’s your money.  Wherever you fall on the financial spectrum, it’s essential that your connection with your money is authentic.  Let me give you an example.

A well to do, empty-nested, kind, yet confused woman came to me recently – floundering.  She has inexpensive taste and strong work ethic.  Yet, her family has sent her huge amounts of money her entire adult life and expects her not to work. She did not ask for this money, and was asked if this made her happy.

Her family’s money situation dominated her choices and identity.  She felt lost without the self-actualization many gain through work.  Despite deep value differences, she used each dollar (and there were so many of them!) in ways she thought her family would approve.

You might wish you had this problem, but my client lost herself in wealth.  Like many people, her money defined her.  Unlike most, she was removed from its creation and overwhelmed by the amount.  Both fueled her struggle to connect her Self with her money.

Between the money coming from somewhere else and going somewhere else, at no point did she feel it was hers.
We made a drastic move.  She began taking her cash inflow – all except bills – out of the bank, and into her home safe.  She turned intangible plastic cards and seemingly meaningless numbers on computers into physical cash she could actually hold and fold!

It worked.

My client is a passionate woman, and she connects to the world via touch.  Using cards and keeping her money in the bank muted her power to connect.

Now, she takes her money in cash and handles each bill as she stuffs labeled envelopes.   Using her money, she physically removes it and hands cash to the person accepting the funds.
Turning her money into cash does three things:
  • She lives out from under what she was told she ‘should’ do, and makes her $ her own.
  • It connects and aligns her with each dollar.
  • It connects her with the businesses and the people she generously empowers with her wealth.
Working in cash is a personally empowering step for this unique individual.
What is one step you can take to make your money your own?