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Financial Sanity for the Holiday, Week #2 | Money Mindfulness Series

Shuff off the 'Shoulds'

December 3, 2016

1. Last week we focused on Shuffing off the ‘shoulds’

            – People often feel a great deal of pressure during the holidays.  In my observation, the source of this pressure is usually our ‘shoulds’.

                           * “I ‘should’ serve 10 holiday side dishes, like my mother did.”

                           * “I ‘should’ buy my children elaborate gifts, like their friends’ parents do.”

                           * “I ‘should’ buy a brand new holiday outfit each year, because that’s the way it’s always been.”

These kinds of ‘shoulds’ exist in everybody’s mind; but ‘shoulds’ are disconnected from our genuine values and an authentic vision.  Discovering your ‘shoulds’ and getting out from under them is complicated.  Repeating the process through this meditation will take you a layer deeper, will empower your connection to your true self, and will relieve that holiday pressure.

   2. Reconnect with your values.

           – The busyness of everyday life and the internal and external stories we carry with us muddle our connection with our values.  It is essential to reconnect with what is important to you in order to keep you intentions and behaviors aligned with your values.  

   3. Further develop your holiday vision.
            – We created a vision last week, and this week we are taking it deeper.  The meditation will guide you to intimately connect with and live out a satisfying holiday vision.

   4. Revisit and realign your holiday money with your holiday vision.

            –  You’re now a week further into the holiday season, and your financial picture may have shifted.  Check in on your original holiday spending plan, where you are at this point, and assess if you need to adjust anything to keep you on the path to holiday satisfaction.

   5. Assess your time 
            – Getting into a time crunch puts undo stress on both our intentions and our finances.  Be careful to avoid this unnecessary pressure by intentionally managing your time along with your money.

   6. Relax and continue to enjoy!
            – If you consider the holidays to be a special time of year, settling into the pleasure of it is part of what gives you gratification.  Take solace in the fact that your creating and living your intentions.  Use the meditation to relax and create some space for connecting with the here and now.  Breathe, and enjoy!