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Money Stuff is Hard for Me Too!

February 2, 2017

Today’s Money Wellness Thought starts with a confession. It’s bad, considering I coach people to use their money powerfully. Here's the confession: we accidentally set up two Netflix accounts in my house! They’re connected through two different email addresses and two different bank accounts. Both are auto-billed. Though it’s less than $9/month, we’re paying double what we should be. Why? Because despite the fact that I "know better," I am dreading calling to cancel so much that I haven’t done it. Here's what I'm trying to say: money stuff is hard for me, too!

I have no reason to think it will be a terrible phone call. I imagine they’ll close one account, possibly refund a couple months, and thank me for being a customer. Still, I haven’t done it. The thought of doing it creates a tightness across the front of my shoulders and makes me turn to any other life distraction. And every time I see the charge in my bank accounts I smack my forehead, saying, “I should.”  Yet, I haven’t.

My clients always come to me for help with financial clutter, such as this. I find that people get paralyzed for different reasons and in different ways. I get you.  Money stuff is hard for me too!

What do we do to make a change? First, be compassionate with ourselves and let go of the fact that it hasn’t been done. The past is spoken for, and cannot be changed. If we focus on what we didn’t do yesterday we are living where we have no power, and we are absent from where we do have power, in the now.

Second, gently tune inwards to understand why are you personally being stopped. It’s not in your head, because you  know better, just like I do. Tuning into your body can be extremely informative regarding inaction. Recognize that it’s OK to have your feelings. They’re just feelings, and they’re yours.

Third, tune into that part of you that knows better – but not in a rational way. Tune into your feelings around why it would be better to clean up your financial clutter.  Perhaps you feel a drive to respect and be responsible with the money you work hard to create. With gentleness, let these contrasting feelings push against each other – one will rise to the top.

Last, action. When you decide what is more important to you, gather anything you might need (pen and paper, account numbers), and take action. If you need support, get it! It could be an accountability partner in the form of your spouse or friend, or a professional such as a money coach. You’re likely to feel immediate relief.

As for me and my Netflix muddle, though I didn’t fix it yesterday, I can do it today. I will do it here and now with you. Tuning inwards, what’s stopping me? I have anxiety around wading through logistics. My dyslexia hits logistics hard, and I find that world intimidating and frustrating to navigate. But, I do feel out of alignment in terms of being respectful and responsible with my money. This latter drive clearly runs deeper. “OK, deep breath, anxiety or not, focus – I got this.”
Done! I feel both relieved and empowered. Three months of our subscription has been refunded. Success!

If money stuff is hard for you, know that it is for most people. You are in good company. That being said, you can move through your money stuff. If you need support, reach out for it – and empower your own success!