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VitalFinancials is going on sabbatical!

By Natalie Wagner - February 6, 2019

It is with a clear and full heart that I write to you about some changes coming to my work with VitalFinancials.

As I’m sure you have experienced, the dynamic seasons of our lives sometimes invite us to shift focus. We may be called to nurture new projects, redirect our intentions and efforts, and put our energy towards other priorities for a time.

I am delighted to be answering such a call. After careful reflection, I have decided to take a soft step back from VitalFinancials to focus on nurturing my home and my beautiful family.

As a committed Finologist and Money Wellness Coach, I deem this time away from my desk as a sabbatical of sorts. It is time to allow the seeds already sown to grow freely, defining their own roles in the movement toward global money-wellness!

I continue to be available for limited one-on-one money-coaching, and as always, I’m here as a resource for you. You can also find me on social media, where I'll soon be sharing details about my upcoming podcast, What is Finology?, a collaboration with my brother, Jake Wagner.

I hope you share my sense of joy at the outset of this transition. I’m delighted to give my home and family the energy we need, and I’m confident my journey will lead back to a strong focus on cultivating shared money-wellness.  I don’t know exactly how that will look, but I invite you to stay tuned to find out. Click here to join my email community, Money Wellness Thoughts, for quarterly stories about money, energy, and purpose.