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Don't 'should' all over your holiday! - Financial Sanity for the Season, Week 2

By Natalie Wagner - December 3, 2018

To reinforce how these meditations will hold you through your holiday season, this week, we're taking a deep dive into the 5 foundational steps.

Allow yourself to consider what's truly important to you this holiday season, and breathe into that awareness. Let it carry you into the next week feeling confident, centered and at peace.


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1. What are your “shoulds”?

Our “shoulds” tend to cause a great deal of pressure during the holidays. They can be thoughts like, “I ‘should’ serve 10 holiday side dishes, like my mother did,” or, “I ‘should’ buy my children elaborate gifts, like their friends’ parents do.”

Whatever they look like for you, “shoulds” exist in everybody’s mind. But “shoulds” are disconnected from our genuine values and authentic vision. Because they are so often invisible to us, getting out from underneath them can be challenging. Take time this week to dig deep into your “shoulds” by noticing when you feel external pressure to do something a certain way. Allow this exploration to empower your connection to your true self and relieve holiday pressure.


2. Reconnect with your values

The busy-ness of everyday life and the internal and external stories we carry with us muddle our connection with our values. In this meditation, you will reconnect with what is important to you in order to keep your intentions and behaviors aligned with your values.  
3. Revisit your vision and align your holiday money with it

Take a moment to connect intimately with the vision you created last week. Using this vision as a guide, it’s time to see if you’re on track. Check in on your holiday spending plan and assess if you need to adjust anything to keep you on the path to holiday satisfaction.

4. Assess your timeline
Getting into a time crunch puts unnecessary stress on our intentions and our finances.  Be careful to avoid this stress by intentionally managing your time along with your money.

5. Relax and enjoy!

Settling into the pleasure of this special season is part of what brings you gratification. Take comfort in the fact that you are creating and living your intentions. Use the above meditation to relax and create some space for connecting with the here and now.  Breathe, and enjoy the beautiful life you’re living!