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Start with a Strong Foundation - Financial Sanity for the Season, Week 1

By Natalie Wagner - November 23, 2018

The holidays are here, and this season can really do a number on us – emotionally and financially. To help you cultivate balance and ease with your money this season, use these holiday meditations to tap into and align with your essential self and your finances.

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Five steps to starting the season with balance and financial alignment.

1. Shuff off the “shoulds”

Mass marketing, tradition, and the people around us tell us what the holidays “should” be like.  These “shoulds” take us away from the present moment and from our values. Releasing the shoulds is the first step in gaining mastery over your holiday money.

2. Connect with your values

Understanding what is genuinely important to you is essential for good money management.  Your holiday money sits inside of your greater financial picture. Getting clear about your values and how the holidays fit within them is your next step.

3. Pick a number

Whether you’ve been wisely saving throughout the year or you plan to find your holiday money in the moment, identify a number that feels balanced within your big financial picture. Honor your situation and your values, and remember to factor in extras and incidentals (happy hours, wrapping paper, sales tax, etc.). And be sure to plan for some whimsical miscellaneous spending – ’tis the season!

4. Connect with your holiday vision

If you understand what is important to you this holiday season, you’re more empowered to use your money to support it. Perhaps visiting extended family is an important part of your holiday vision, or perhaps you love participating in a Secret Santa with a group of friends or colleagues. Whatever it is, getting clear on your vision, in conjunction with liberating yourself from those holiday “shoulds,” will empower you to explore how create it in ways that involve less, or even no money.

5. Enjoy!

When you take these steps, you connect your values, your vision and your money. You’re off to a great start! Enjoy the season. It’s yours!