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"I don't want money to corrupt my work!"

A story of what money can do

By Natalie Wagner - October 23, 2018

My client Sierra worked a hum-drum job for her family’s business, earning just what she needed to support herself and daughter.  The work she considers her true calling, however, is body-alignment energy work.
Sierra puts her whole Self into this work and has witnessed the inestimable value her clients receive when their bodies come into energetic balance. It comes from a place deep inside of her and impacts her clients profoundly. There is a single-heartedness here that she is committed to upholding.

Sierra came to me with a deeply held money story. She believed money is a necessary evil, solely materialistic, and corrupts everything it touches.  For her, accepting money for her energy work was incompatible with her devotion to its purity. But, when an opportunity came along to take her daughter on a soul-replenishing, Jamaican whale watching adventure, Sierra was forced to re-evaluate her relationship to this “necessary evil.” The trip called to her, but she didn’t have the money.
Sierra and I were able to get to the root of her limiting money stories: she discovered that she created this story in childhood when dishonesty and pain surrounded the family business. Her money story became a way of protecting herself.
In our sessions, Sierra was able to take a fresh look at money.  She recognized that money can be, and often is, used for great good. She recognized that her money story was just that - a story, written for a child, in response to circumstances that no longer exist. With gratitude, she released her moral condemnation of money.
Next, Sierra and I turned to her Wheel of Money to understand how she could cultivate connection and balance in her money life.  We started with Sierra’s relationship to her two sources of earning potential: the family business and her energy work. The first was disconnected from Sierra's gifts, she found her responsibilities mundane, it required her time and energy, and it only paid enough for the basics.
The second potential income source taps into Sierra’s unique gift for energy work. It too requires her time and energy, but this work also creates energy through a profound impact on her clients and Sierra's powerful experiences of engaging, developing and delivering her gift. However, without charging for her work, it did not give her financial energy and could not bring into her life what money buys.
The whale watching trip called to Sierra. She yearned for the experience.  She realized that her energy work had the potential to effectively create this invaluable trip, but only if she charged money for it. She saw that money was a way to turn her gift into soul-satisfying experiences like this one.

Sierra now accepts money for her energy work, and after returning from the whale watching adventure, she told me how her relationship with money has transformed. She explained how charging not only does not sully her work, but actually empowers it to reach its full value potential. In being her source of financial energy, the work that is deeply connected to her heart doesn't only bring profound value to others. It also brings value and energy back to Sierra, because it supports her and her daughter and provides access to priceless experiences like the one in Jamaica.

The next time you feel like money could lessen the authenticity of something you’ve created, try flipping it around. Ask: How could money create more value, more good? Explore how rewarding it could be to use something born in essence of your heart to create the money that pays for something deeply precious to you. Chances are, you may discover a whole new relationship to your money.