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Quiz: How Healthy is Your Money Life?

How to bring balance to your money life

By Natalie Wagner - September 23, 2018

Today is the fall equinox, a time when the turning of the seasons brings night and day into equal balance. It inspires me to think of the year as a turning wheel - passing through seasons, holidays and birthdays, and circling back in ever-evolving harmony. The equinox reminds us how this wheel of time continuously comes back around, highlighting the natural equipoise across light and darkness, sun and snow.

Imagine the cycle of money coming in and going out of your life as a wheel, turning around and around.  In this money cycle, you start with your Self and the intrinsic value that you hold. How do you tap this as you bring money into your life? How do you replenish your energy, and what kind of value circles back to you as you use your money?
I call this exercise the Wheel of Money™ (WOM), and here’s my question: how healthy is your money life when considering the connections between:
  • You,
  • how you create money,
  • how much money you create,
  • and what your money brings back to you?
(Hint: A wheel works best when balanced, aligned and fully inflated. Is your Wheel of Money™ balanced, aligned, and fully inflated?)

When finished, your WOM will highlight strengths in your money life and reveal opportunities to increase balance and alignment. It will invite you to connect yourself to the money you create and to use it in ways that bring value and energy back to you.

Watching the leaves turn red and golden in the fall weather reminds us that the year is spinning towards winter holidays, a time of financial anxiety and worry for many people.

Find clarity and intention now through your Wheel of Money™, and set yourself up for a low stress, cheerful holiday season.

(Note: This exercise requires Adobe Flash, which is not supported on mobile phones! This means you need to slow down for a moment, and take a seat with your computer. I suggest you turn your attention inward and take a deep breath before you begin.  Exploring your Wheel of Money™ may turn into a journey of money wellness.)

Here’s to your harmony,