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The Money Energy Cycle™

By Natalie Wagner - August 28, 2018

Money is value as energy. Like a calorie is a unit of physical energy, a dollar is simply a unit of value as energy. No more. No less.
Like the in and out of our breath or the turning of the seasons, our creation and use of money flow in a cycle of certain energies coming and going around. Through discovery and study, I have mapped this cycle and named it: the Money Energy Cycle™ (MEC). The MEC model allows us to explore our own lives through the lens of this energy flow.  

This reveals powerful new data that merely peering through the numbers cannot. Ultimately, the MEC invites an entirely new way of understanding and relating to money. It begins with the value that every person intrinsically holds in the form of our unique gifts and potential to impact the world around us.
  • Whether we create money through traditional employment, entrepreneurship, successful investments or relationship, we use our own energy to create or produce something that is valuable to others.
  • In exchange for this value, we receive money.
  • We then convert this money into other forms of value by saving, giving, debt repayment, investing or spending on goods and services.
  • This action moves the money and the value-energy it holds back into the world by funding other MEC’s.
We can see that in each phase, the energy is a type of value.  Money is simply one of the forms of value along the cycle. Its primary role along the MEC is to convert the value we hold and create into the value we need and use.  It’s important to note that the cycle inherently connects us to the world beyond ourselves, while at the same time, it begins with and comes back to our Selves.

*Watch our Facebook live, Nature is full of cycles. Money has a cycle, too* 

Clients love this model because it's simple and accessible. It also:
  • Pinpoints the role of money in our lives.
  • Neutralizes emotional charges around money.
  • Reconciles both the overvaluation and undervaluation of money.
  • Invites us to connect money with the deep aspects of our Selves and our lives.
  • Highlights the places of imbalance and lack of integrity within our money lives. This empowers us to deepen our connection and make healthy adjustments.
Importantly, because the MEC connects hard numbers with personal integrity, working the MEC in tandem with our numbers is an extremely powerful place to do the personal work of living in authenticity.  

When exploring the MEC, it's good to keep in mind two side notes.  First, just as every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square, money may be value as energy, but value-energy is not necessarily money. Truly, countless forms of value exist and are exchanged outside of money.  Secondly, money itself is morally neutral, and in fact, does not have moral capacity. Its ethical implications occur via how and why it is used.
~ ~ ~
My father is known for saying, “Money is the most powerful secular force on the planet” (Richard Wagner, JD, CFP®). The perspective shift and following change in relationship offered by the Money Energy Cycle™ have potential to facilitate deep, personal, and large-scale change.  I invite you to click here and read about my vision for how the MEC will transform the world.