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But I'm Healthy! So Why Money Wellness?

5 Key Ways VitalFinancials will take you to a place of financial peace.

By Natalie Wagner - July 18, 2017

Are you a healthy person? If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with the idea of wellness. It's about more than mental or physical health: it's also about creating a life that makes you feel nourished, peaceful, and whole. We all know that nutrition, exercise, and sleep are important parts of wellness. Studies are beginning to show that meditating and spending time in nature are also important ways to support wellness. 

What does all this have to do with money? "Money" and "wellness" might not seem like words that go together. After all, money is about interest rates and salaries, and wellness is about kale and yoga. But think back to what wellness truly means: feeling nourished, peaceful, and whole in your life. Now consider: how you feel about money?

You might feel guilty about how much money you have... or don't have. You might feel anxious about whether you spend money on the "right" things. You might feel just plain overwhelmed by bills popping up, and how to navigate compound interest and savings rates! You might have mixed feelings how you bring money into your life. Whatever your situation, chances are that your feelings about money could be better. They could be healthier. Even if you're well in mind and body, your money wellness might need a tune up! 

That is exactly why I created VitalFinancials. 

You were not born feeling the way you do about money. You learned about money as you grew up, and you may have learned beliefs about money that aren't serving your wellness today. I want you to feel nourished when you spend money or save money with true intention and mindfulness. I want you to feel peaceful even if the numbers in your bank account change. I want you to feel whole in your relationship with money because you understand the unique value that money represents for you.

All of this is possible. At VitalFinancials, we work to enhance your money wellness in 5 key ways: 
  1. We work where you have power! Unlike investments or credit ratings where you have little control, we focus on how you create and use money in your day-to-day life.
  2. We lead with VALUE coming and going around in your life, rather than centering around spreadsheets and numbers that often feel confusing and removed.  
  3. We put money into the context of energy flow and intuition – using a wellness approach, you will connect your money and your true Self!
  4. We create structure with your money to simplify and empower an everyday flow that honors your true Self!
  5. The results are a living sense of financial peace and the deep strength of being able to trust yourself.
When creating VitalFinancials, I drew on a life-long experience with money that has been unconventional – to say the least. Raised by well-known and respected financial planner, Richard Wagner, JD, CFP®, I grew up immersed in my father’s respect for money and its role in our modern world.  Impressed upon me are money’s potential for great good and the magnitude of our responsibility to use it so. To this background, I brought my own strong intuition, a talent for identifying patterns, and passion for working with people. You may not know this, but I'm also dyslexic! Dyslexics are often deeply empathetic and good with patterns - two qualities that give me unusual insight into finding financial peace.

I have custom-designed VitalFinancials to offer a revolutionary approach to our everyday relationship with money. Through money wellness, we can use money to navigate life with power and grace.

Do you sense that you and your money life can be more? Can you taste that your life would be stronger, richer and more peaceful for stepping into that potential? This month I'm offering Mindful Money: How to Find Financial Peace, an online workshop to jumpstart your journey toward money wellness. Today is the LAST DAY of early bird pricing. Sign up now to save! 

~  Natalie

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