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Welcome from Natalie

Just as we have energy lines coursing through our bodies, we have energy lines in our lives.

It was through watching the numbers, feeling the ebbs and flow, and sensing the energy lines in cash flow that in 2015 I discovered the Money Energy Cycle™ and Money Breath. Looking at money through these models takes us out of our heads and connects us with a cycle of value in our lives, in which money only plays a part.

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Latest News

VitalFinancials is going on sabbatical!

It is with a clear and full heart that I write to you about some changes coming to my work with VitalFinancials. As I’m sure you have experienced, more…

Posted Feb 6, 2019

This moment is yours. Here's how to savor it. - Financial Sanity for the Season, Week 5

Welcome to the final installment of Financial Sanity for the Season. Congratulations! You’ve made it.   Chances are, last week had you giving a lot more…

Posted Dec 23, 2018

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