Why VitalFinancials™? 

What's Different?


Working with VitalFinancials is a unique experience that will revolutionize your understanding of money and guide you to a place of deep connection and peace between you and each dollar coming through your life.  

We do this in five key ways:


  1. We work where you have power! Unlike investments or credit ratings where you have little control, we focus on how you create and use money in your day-to-day life.
  2. We lead with VALUE coming and going around in your life, rather than centering around spreadsheets and numbers that often feel confusing and removed.  
  3. We put money into the context of energy flow and intuition – using a wellness approach, you will connect your money and your true Self!
  4. We create structure with your money to simplify and empower an everyday flow that honors your true Self!
  5. The results are a living sense of financial peace and the deep strength of being able to trust yourself.
Learn more by discovering the Money Energy Cycle™ (MEC), so you can understand how money connects you with value and energy in your life.

When creating VitalFinancials™, I drew on a life-long experience with money that has been unconventional – to say the least.  Raised by well-known and respected financial planner, Richard Wagner, JD, CFP®, I grew up immersed in my father’s deep passion for money and its role in our modern world.  Impressed upon me are money’s potential for great good and the magnitude of our responsibility to use it so. To this background I’ve brought my own strong intuition, talent for identifying patterns and deep passion for people.  

I have custom-designed VitalFinancials™ to offer this revolutionary approach to our everyday relationship with money. With it we may use money to help navigate life, for better or worse, with power and grace.

You can also create your own Wheel of Money™, a free and unique exercise using the MEC that guides you to think about your money creation, value, and use.

Do you sense that you and your money life can be more?  Can you taste that your life would be stronger, richer and more peaceful for stepping into that potential?  VitalFinancials™ is custom-designed for you!

Don't forget to get your copy of my free Mindful Money Meditation, a 12 minute guided journey into finding financial peace!
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