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Dan Andrews, CFP®

"Natalie showcases a unique spirit when guiding people through money mindfulness themes. If you desire to enhance your mind with a positive psychology when it comes to your personal finances, start working through Natalie's Money Energy Cycle philosophy. This may help you improve your financial life as well as your mental psyche."

David Bowman, CFP®

"Natalie is a true expert in guiding people toward harmonious relationships with their money. She has taken one of the most challenging topics in financial planning and simplified it into a practical model that is easy to grasp and can have deep personal impact. Her visionary work opens up new doors for how we can think about cash flow to live happier, more fulfilled lives."

Kristal D.

"My husband and I recently sought financial help from Natalie Wagner and it has been a wonderful experience. She has been patient with us as we have been new to the process.....her genuine care for our well-being, coupled with her knowledge has great. We would recommend Natalie to anyone we know and care about."

D. Manning, E.A. CFP®

Natalie, as a financial professional, I felt I had a thorough understanding of my money and my spending. You have provided with a much higher level of clarity and perspective around where my money goes relative to where I want it to take me. Thank you for your guidance and insight on my personal cash flow planning and decision making, you continue to make a noticeable and lasting difference in my financial life.

Len E.

Natalie helped my wife and me by bringing a plan and clarity to our personal finances, and the result has been fantastic. We feel we are more on top of our spending. We are setting aside funds for planned expenditures. It's all so simple yet powerful, because of Natalie's professional guidance and focus. Highly recommended!


For the first time in my life, at age 43, I was facing having to live by a budget. The “magic money drawer” was gone. I had a 50% cut in my salary, and was facing a move across the country. I had never kept track of what I spent and what I spent it on. Working with Natalie has been the best thing I could have done. We have discovered where to cut costs, where to increase costs and the amount of income I would need to live in my new home state.

It’s been a real eye opener. She understands and helps beyond just the money part of the issues. She is non-judgmental. She is a supportive, fabulous person to work with. Her systems and programs are very easy to learn and work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing this kind of service.

A & D Randall

"Natalie's approach to money management goes deeper than dollars and cents. She has helped our family understand where our money is going but more importantly, where it is taking us.We are so grateful for her assistance and would gladly refer her to anyone needing financial coaching"

Bethany N.

My husband and I began working with Natalie before our marriage. With her help, we were able to smoothly transition from individual to shared bank accounts, as well as create achievable financial goals together. The greatest skill we acquired was a common language around money, which now allows us to have open, comfortable conversations about our financial life.


Because of my work with Vital Financials, I can trust myself with money today. There is an ease and flow in my relationship with money, that I never before could experience or even imagine.


I use the Money Breath meditation twice a week before working at my bills and financial responsibilities. What used to be an anxious time is now easy and pleasant because of this meditation.


Living in guilt and shame is a recipe for failure. I really appreciate your kind words about my money management. Cannot adequately express how you've empowered me.

Darlene Determan, Denver

My husband and I started working with Natalie Wagner a year and a half ago. Now our money goes towards what we value instead of just slipping away. Natalie helped us to make a budget that reflects what is most important to us. It is so wonderful to see our dreams come true.Today I will be sending a check to secure my place in three quilting workshops. Since my passion is Art Quilting, this is an amazing opportunity. My husband's passion is technology. When a new gadget comes out he loves to be among the first to get one. Now we can pursue our passions without squabbling over which is more important, the latest Kindle Fire or a fabulous new fabric for my next quilt. Natalie's system has enabled us to save money for our individual goals as well as our shared goals as a couple. As a result, money has become much less of a trigger for conflict.

My husband has an MBA from Harvard Business School, so you might think we wouldn't need help with our finances. It turned that we did! Now how we spend our money is conscious and consistent with our values. Working on our finances with Natalie's help has united us in our determination to stay on budget, so we can do the things we dream of doing.

There is nothing more satisfying than making conscious choices about what to spend your money on. Natalie has helped make that possible for us, and we are very grateful for her highly professional and personable guidance.


Natalie helped me to reframe the use of money not as an act that causes me to have 'less money,' but rather as an 'out breath' which made room for the 'in breath' of something else I valued.

This resulted not only in a rise in my appreciation for the money that I have, but also an intention to use money more respectfully and make sure I exchange it while being conscious of its value.


Working with Natalie for just a few months gave me insights into my relationship with money that extended far beyond simple income and expense reports. While I still have challenges to work through, I now feel as though I'm in control of my relationship with my money rather than being a victim of my conscious and unconscious patterns.