What do you want, and what are you willing to pay?

In Santa Fe is God we trust and money.

In God we trust antique stores’ money.

Money is in trees and pianos.


We trust Richard Rohr’s money and Gravity Center in God.

We trust money-weaving-basket-making money.

We trust that Children’s Hospital has money, lots of it.

In God we trust massage.


In God we trust the dearly departed had money, bird-watching, and paintings.

We trust there is money in Saratoga Springs.

Our parents’ stories are in money and hugs.   

In God we trust kisses.


There’s money in antidepressants, “My Left Foot,” and the Nude .

Money in babies, money in food, money in God.

Children’s books are money, money blankets.


We trust Georgia O’Keefe in God, and our money to VitalFinancialsTM.

In God we trust trainings.  In God we trust play.

In God we trust Maine money, simple summers, Ocean-Park-community-money.


 Al-anon is trust in God.

We trust grandparents’ money, Non-Violent Communication,

poetry money, cookbooks, library money and art money.

Guadeloupe trusts money in God.

Nursing children are in the money trust; and so are Nintendo games.



We trust good money to the Alexander Technique.

In God we trust the Heavenly Body is money dancing.

AA is money trust; fire places, Bibles, pets, herpetologists --all money.


We trust “The Life of Pi” money, Tim, and blueberries.

Barbie is money, as are ladybugs, dragonflies, and the Beatles.

We can trust trains are money, and that animals can speak in God.

Trust folk music money, goat yogurt money, and that money rocks.

Trust the drumming up of money


We trust the money from fathers’ travels, money from God.

We trust national parks. the Intensive Journal and row boats.

In God we trust the big flat screen money, money for Handle’s Messiah,

money for love.


In God we trust in God.

We trust creative money, money nature.

In God We Trust.