About Natalie P. Wagner, CFRC℠


In 7th grade, I decided what I wanted to do with my life.  Simply, I decided to make this world a better place.  I wasn’t sure how to do it, but I felt sure that if I kept this grand mission in front of me, a way to make it happen would come.  In my personal life, I live this with my hubby, Tim Willis of Chibby Wibbitz Food Truck, and our beautiful boy.  We spend time cooking, watching movies, enjoying music and the mountains.  I love it also in the quiet time I spend alone, walking our dog, writing in my journal, or meditating on my yoga mat.  I find when I lay that foundation of quality time with self and family I’m best able to be a blessing in these lives I love.

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My life has been custom designed and I have been called upon to do this work as a Finologist (money theorist) and Money Wellness Coach.  I was born with a unique ability to think differently than most, and was raised by a renowned financial theorist, Richard B. Wagner, CFP®, JD.  Through these experiences, alongside many impactful travels and my long-time yoga practice, I view the world, people and money in a radically different way. 

I earned my degree in Socio-Philosophy from The Johnston Center at The University of Redlands.  There, I explored people and the world of theory.  As a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor℠, I’ve received extensive training that allows me to understand intentions, and behavior, money and people.

My mentor, Marty Kurtz, CFP®, believes that cash flow management is the first step to a healthy financial life.  Through working with Marty, I married the skills from my education with an idea that money is a complex and critical aspect of our daily lives.  Doing so, I saw that my vow to make this world a better place called on me to support people in engaging with money in ways in that are positive and empowering.

Answering the call, I opened VitalFinancials™  LLC in 2011, specializing in helping individuals and couples match their daily money lives with their authentic Selves and big picture goals through personal cash flow management.  My love of cash flow lies in it being the vortex of where we interact with our money, and therefore, where we hold our power.

Discovery of the Money Energy Cycle™ & My Vision 

Just as we have energy lines coursing through our bodies, we have energy lines in our lives.

It was through watching the numbers, feeling the ebbs and flow, and sensing the energy lines in cash flow that in 2015 I discovered the Money Energy Cycle™ and Money Breath.  Looking at money through these models takes us out of our heads and connects us with a cycle of value in our lives, in which money only plays a part.

In keeping with my pre-adolescent pledge to make the world a better place, I believe this New Paradigm of Money Mindfulness invites perspective shifts within our internal money lives that will, in turn, positively affect our relationship and integrity with money – individually, and on a global scale.