Money Has Found Its Way into Every Nook and Cranny of Modern Life

Richard B. Wagner, JD, CFP®, Financial Planning 3.0

Thank you for joining me as a guest here at the Break Through.  Matt and I share a vision for Wellness.  Why?  Speaking for myself, because I feel the possibility within every one of us to live our own unique potential.  Because when we are good to ourselves and to each other, life is strikingly beautiful. 

I love working with money to improve wellness because of its pervasive and confusing role in our lives.  When our money lives are full of turbulents, the effects stretch to the corners of our lives, and our foresight to make good decisions becomes murky.   When we have a strong and clean connection with money, we have both a foundation and the vision to understand what’s truly happening and how we can bring about our intentions. 

In this Healing Money Mediation we engage my concept of Money Breath to relieve tension between you and money.   When we relax our natural healing mechanisms kick in.  Healing our wounds with money is a potent step towards overall wellness.

I invite you into this meditation to connect with your own Money Wellness and allow financial health to circulate throughout the ‘nooks and crannies’ of your life. 


Meditation on the breath is shown to bring unequivocal benefits into our lives.  It improves our connection with ourselves, lowers stress, and increases overall health.


Is it possible that connecting with our Money Breath would bring these benefits into our Money Lives?

This meditation is an entry point.  I invite you to sit down, take off your shoes, notice the earth below your feet, and explore.

If the Money Breath meditation brought up a lot for you, be gentle with yourself and invite yourself to process.

It may be helpful to take a walk, write in your journal, talk with a friend or professional, anything that allows you to be with the experience and integrate it.

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