Looking to Collaborate?

Are you a professional interested in collaboration?

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What is powerful collaboration?

Collaboration is defined by the Dictionary: 

to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something.

We can work together to bring your clients’ everyday money into alignment with the flow of their lives.

Professionals from all walks of the world can serve their clients by giving them this strong new paradigm for understanding their personal relationship with money.  It’s a crucial part of our modern lives.  When there is strength in this area, it shines across one’s life.  If, however, one’s flow with money is off, it will be near impossible to bring their life into a place of balance and strength.

The BENEFITS of collaborating with VitalFinancials™
  • Each penny flowing through your clients’ lives will have purpose and alignment between themselves and their goals. 
  • The power of this purpose and alignment reaching to every nuance of your clients’ lives through the creation and use of their money. 
  • Perspective on how daily behavior affects their greater goals. 
  • Clarity and consciousness around priorities, values and goals, making your work easier and more effective. 
  • A deepened connection with themselves and their money lives through personal self-actualization. 
  • Importantly, clients gain the resources to adjust their money as their lives evolve. 
  • The value you add by bringing VitalFinancials™ into the picture will create deep relationships and loyal clients. 
The easiest way for you and your clients to benefit from VitalFinancials™: 
  • Send your clients here to do the Money Breath™, learn about the Money Energy Cycle™, and to do the Wheel of Money™.  Simply discuss and integrate their experience with your work.
Formal collaboration works in one of three ways:
  • Workshops 
  • Private coaching alongside your work 
  • Private coaching integrated with your work
Your Next Step:

Call me.  Together we’ll discover what is right for you and your clients!