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From Dream to Drive: One Client’s Tale of Aligning her $ Money to Realize a Goal

March 9, 2015

I’m going to tell a specific story of a current client, let’s call her Liddy, who has made some amazing things happen with her resources – financially minimal though they may be. This story stands out to me because it poignantly exemplifies how when we harness our resources and act with intention remarkable things can happen.

Liddy is a grounded, self-aware, resourceful woman, with a drive to embrace her potential and live a deeply satisfying life. She is young, single, with no dependents except her beautiful cattle dog. When we met she was carless, using her recently built savings to transition out of a dead end job, and had never known a sense of financial comfort – let alone abundance.
One of the first things Liddy ever expressed to me was her yearning for a car. This was not a car because everyone else has a car. Nor was it to avoid using public transport. The car had to do with her independence & effectiveness – and their relationship to Liddy’s drive to engage her best self throughout her life.

The numbers were overwhelmingly tight. She is still paying off financial mistakes from years before, and is at a place in life where her employment is something to get her by as she continues in invest in and develop herself. The pay is marginal.
Through our work Liddy got extremely clear about the money coming in and where it goes. She tackled serious financial obstacles, while realigning her money so that it truly matches who she is, where she is right now, and what she wants down the road.

Through all this she continued to hold onto her goal of acquiring a car. Then something amazing happened. Liddy’s father called offering to sell her his car at a ‘family price’. The deal, it had to be paid in full before she could drive away.

Liddy had some money saved for this purpose, but she had to come up with the rest. Additionally, even fully paid for car is going to add a financial load to her already overburdened pocketbook. Still, this was the best opportunity she was likely to get.

Liddy looked at the world through open eyes to create the means to make her goal come alive. She gave up a few other purchases that month, requested a forward from her employer together with a plan to resolve the advance, and leveraged a 3 paycheck month. She was kind, assertive and gracious; and as Liddy worked with the world, it worked with her.
To deal with the lasting financial obligations of her new purchase Liddy proactively became a driver for Uber – using the car to create income to offset its expense. Brilliant!
The root of Liddy’s success was her honesty, creativity, and earnest determination. Through these Liddy’s entire world came together in alignment, and her goal became her reality.