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Owning Your Money

April 7, 2015

I am currently privileged to work with an inspiring woman of high means and deep families ties; we’ll call her "Caroline". Caroline is intelligent, well educated, self-aware and full of audacity. Today I’m excited to share her powerful narrative of coming through financial oppression and into self-actualization.

Through many decades and continuing today, Caroline’s father has been a financial success. His financial accomplishments have coursed deeply throughout their family for generations.  This may appear to be a blessing, but there are shadow sides to money and how it manifests in life.

Despite her means, Caroline is in her 60’s and has never enjoyed financial freedom. Because the money always came from her father, his wishes dictated what the money meant. It was made clear that she should not earn her own money, and rather the family money would support her in her role as a wife and mother, and the money could then go on to support her children.
Caroline had essentially no input in her financial life as to money in nor money out.  It was like she was merely a vessel for the wealth to pass through to its actual purpose.

Caroline’s father is a banker who believes that this is the way to protect, grow and contain wealth. Caroline is an artist and a healer. She finds power through physical connection. Money in a bank lacks tangibility, appearing only as numbers on statements and in plastic cards which does not connect Caroline with the force of money in her life.  Despite a monthly distribution of over $10,000, the absence of power Caroline experienced around money permeated throughout her life. 

The mission of our work is for Caroline to harness her money, in turn, making it an expansive and empowering force in her life.
How do we make this happen?

“Once your father gives you money, it is yours to own. You have both freedom and responsibility to handle it as you see fit,” I offer. “What if, instead of keeping your monthly stipend in the bank and using credit cards, you took the money in cash, kept it in your home and handled it physically?”  “I can do that?” Caroline responds, astonished.

This simple concept changed everything. Caroline withdrew her money from her father’s container, transformed it, and placed it into her own.

The resonation Caroline suddenly felt with her money lit up her soul, and her life became much more her own.  I’m not saying banks are bad and that everyone should work in cash. I am pointing out that it is essential that the medium in which we manage our money is the right fit for each individual.

Having her money in her father’s container defined it under his terms. Putting it into her own container created a foundation in her financial life that empowered her to harness her money. That power now courses through her entire life.

It’s your money! You define it! mqBullet