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My Philosophy and Vision: The Money Energy Cycle

July 29, 2015

My Philosophy:

The Money Energy Cycle

Money is value as energy is. Like a calorie is a unit of physical energy, a dollar is simply a unit of value as energy. No more. No less. Three important ideas:
  • Money holds value.
  • Money transfers value from one source to another.
  • Money converts different forms of value into others.
The Money Energy Cycle (MEC) is the cycle that every individual, business, and united family works with as money flows through their world. The MEC works as follows:
  • It begins with a value that one gives of themselves.
  • This value is transferred out into the world.
  • The value is then converted into money.
  • That money then flows back into one’s life, still holding the original value one gave of themselves.
  • One then converts this money into tangible forms of value by saving, giving, investing or spending.
  • This action moves the money forward in some way, in turn, funding other MEC’s.

The Unique Beauty of this Model is held in Several Components.

  • It is simple and accessible.
  • It neutralizes the emotional charges projected onto money.
  • It invites one to connect money with the deep aspects of themselves and their lives.
  • It highlights the places of imbalance and lack of integrity within one’s MEC that initiate attempts to rebalance and fill voids which commonly cause a negative ripple effect.
  • Because money exists in concrete numbers and permeates throughout our modern lives, the Money Energy Cycle is an excellent sounding board for the personal work of living in a place of empowered authenticity.

To most effectively transform one’s life, one must apply the MEC in conjunction with a cash flow management tool, keeping the palpability of the numbers in the picture.  My favorite is First Step Cash Management™
Three Side Notes:

  • The value that money holds is not inherent. Both the world and individuals attribute value to it. That is why, and the only reason why, it is valuable.
  • Money itself is morally neutral.  It picks up moral implications via how and why it is used.
  • Comparable to how every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square, money may be value as energy, but value is not necessarily money.

My Vision:
The mission of VitalFinancials is to, ‘Transform the World, One Financial Life at a Time’.
When I think about the potential for the Money Energy Cycle to connect with individuals in a deep and concrete, yet simple and accessible manner, I see a clear path to achieve this mission.
People today have become disillusioned by the idea of money for the sake of money and are looking for true value. The Money Energy Cycle resonates and provides a platform for individuals to address their relationship with money in a holistic and effective way.
I see people upending their relationship with money from one of heavy negativity – bringing their entire life down, to one of harnessing the energy and value of money to support an expansive life with connection, experience, support, security, and fulfillment.
The conversation begins one individual at a time. People employ The Money Energy Cycle model to attend to their deep self and support a deeply satisfying life. Other people notice, and the conversation expands. The Money Energy Cycle becomes a household model for understanding our money lives.
Financial alignment and integrity increase across society, permeating every aspect of our human experience.
The world transforms one financial life at a time.