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Money Breath Meditation

November 15, 2016

I’m freshly out of yoga class and a client (also a yogi) and I are discussing how her money comes in and goes out.  With an intention to connect intimately with her money, we begin exploring this rhythm in her cash flow.  We see how there is a top and a bottom to the beat, how the money is needed across all aspects of her life. It hits me that there is a breath to cash flow.  As with the air that nourishes our bodies, we bring money in to sustain the lives we live and let it go out to the world around us.

Meditation on the breath is shown to bring unequivocal benefits into our lives.  It improves our connection with ourselves, lowers stress, and increases overall health. An important question I raise, is whether it is possible that connecting with our Money Breath would bring these benefits into our Money Lives?

Subsequent to sharing the Money Breath Meditation with a few clients and colleagues, I am blown away by the wide range of responses. One client learned where she was holding too tightly, discovering feelings of constraint in an area of her money handling.  Another tuned into the power of earning and meeting her needs when she noted the relationship between her money going out, and her gas tank and refrigerator becoming full.  I personally learned that I’ve had a block over my heart area that has prevented me from receiving.

The Money Breath is a radically different way of experiencing our money.   It is both a metaphor and its own phenomenon.  It has a great deal to teach us.  This meditation is an entry point for you to connect to your own Money Breath.  I invite you to sit down, take off your shoes, notice the earth below your feet, and explore.

What will the Money Breath Meditation bring up for you?